Preventive Maintenance

Last updated: May 25, 2018

What Does Preventive Maintenance Mean?

Preventive maintenance is the planned performance of inspections and repairs that are carried out routinely on equipment in order to reduce the possibility of breakdowns. It is normally implemented to prevent a negative impact on production and service delivery that is brought about by unplanned downtime and repairs. Preventive maintenance is most often implemented for equipment that performs a critical function. Preventive maintenance is also called preventative maintenance.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Preventive Maintenance

Carrying out preventive maintenance occurs either at usage or time based intervals, depending on the equipment manufacturer's instructions. The equipment is inspected and any possible issues are identified. The necessary measures are then taken to resolve the issue before it becomes more severe and causes unplanned downtime while repairs are carried out. Preventive maintenance includes keeping up-to-date records of all inspections and repairs relating to the equipment. It is beneficial to perform preventive maintenance in the workplace to stay in compliance with OSHA regulations, reduce costs for parts and repairs, to increase efficiency and minimize the impact of downtime on production, as well as to increase the safety of the people using the equipment by reducing the risk of physical injury.



Preventative Maintenance

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