Career Assessment

Last updated: January 2, 2019

What Does Career Assessment Mean?

A career assessment is a system used to identify and monitor an individual's work-related skills and interests. Sometimes beginning in childhood, career assessments may include a number of different types of assessments that evaluate the individual's psychological strengths, functional capacity, and work-specific skills.

Career assessments can be repeated at different times in an individual's life and may be comprised of a varying mix of different tests and evaluations.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Career Assessment

Career assessments are one of several tools that educators, counselors, and vocational professionals can use to help an individual identify his or her job-related strengths and interests. In some cases companies may perform partial career assessments for potential new hires or employees wishing to seek promotion.

The primary purpose of a career assessment is to match the person to a career or workplace in which he or she will be happy and able to perform well. Career assessments may include an evaluation of the individual's personality and character traits as well as their functional skills.

The information gained through a career assessment can then be compared to the traits associated with different careers and job tasks.


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