Community Based Programs

Last updated: July 30, 2018

What Does Community Based Programs Mean?

Community based programs are independent social activities, functions, opportunities, and services that help individuals with developmental and/or physical disabilities assimilate and integrate into society. Community based programs can be privately funded, charity based, government agency ran, or part of a company outreach program. Individuals benefit from community based programs by gaining immediate experience in a variety of settings. Common learning applications entail important life skills such as self-reliance, social interaction, cooperation, and volunteerism.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Community Based Programs

Individuals with disabilities can face significant challenges in their lives attributed to their conditions that interfere with their ability to realize personal goals, receive acceptance, and overcome stereotypes in a rigid society rather than attempting to make society more accepting and flexible. Community based programs are intended to foster universal awareness and support for individuals with disabilities where cultural diversity and inclusion remains a top priority.

Many programs entail community involvement through educational, recreational, and vocational pursuits as a useful vehicle to help individuals gain a clear perspective about their interests, strengths, and talents. For instance, choosing a career path underlines a committed effort to demonstrate employable skills such as cooperation/teamwork, flexibility, interpersonal communication, professional conduct, and strong work ethics.

However, individuals with disabilities may require assistance, guidance, and specialized training, coordinated by community programs that focus on accommodating their needs to meet company standards. In some cases, individuals undergo a situational assessment, a viable resource that is often used to determine in advance if an applicant and/or employee can satisfy the necessary requirements to execute job duties and tasks. A job coach can also be enlisted to observe and monitor the candidate’s progress, ensuring their ability to contribute optimally to a job position based on factors such as endurance, morale, persistence, and productivity.


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