Individualized Evaluation Plan (IEEP)

Last updated: July 28, 2018

What Does Individualized Evaluation Plan (IEEP) Mean?

An individualized evaluation plan is a document created for injured or disabled veterans. The document outlines and explains the services required by a veteran to achieve a vocational goal.

The plan is set up under vocational rehabilitation (VR) and provides assistance in the areas of counseling, training, and job placement.

The individualized evaluation plan is also known as the individualized extended evaluation plan or IEEP.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Individualized Evaluation Plan (IEEP)

The IEEP is a step up from the individualized written rehabilitation plan (IWRP) where an initial plan is developed to determine a vocational goal based on the veteran’s abilities and availability of work.

For veterans who need further evaluation after the IWRP in determining the nature of services required, the IEEP is set up. It explores additional information and possibilities to decide which vocation best suits the veteran’s case and if the individual will benefit from the outcome of the employment.



IEEP, Individualize Extended Evaluation Plan

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