Job Analysis

Last updated: July 1, 2019

What Does Job Analysis Mean?

Job analysis is a process of conducting a comprehensive study of a job and gathering information in order to determine the appropriate selection criteria, training, performance assessments, and remuneration for the job. A job analysis is focused on the job rather than the person who performs the job. The outcome of a job analysis is a job description and a job specification.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Job Analysis

A job analysis is performed by gathering all the necessary information about a job such as the skills needed to perform the tasks and produce the outputs required; the materials and equipment used on the job; the complexity and environmental context of the job; and the relationships and level of responsibility needed. The completed job analysis enables the employer to determine training content, delivery method, and equipment. It also gives the employer the ability remunerate according to the skill and education level required, as well as to appoint and assess employees based on the duties, standards, and objectives of the job.


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