Observation Procedure

Last updated: June 21, 2018

What Does Observation Procedure Mean?

An observation procedure is a process used to observe and record a set of activities or behaviors. In general, an observation procedure or method refers to any research which is based on either formal or informal observation. Sub-categories of observation include controlled observations, natural observations and participant observations.

Observation procedures are usually organized and conducted under preset guidelines so that information gathered through the process can be analyzed and compared. Whether observing individuals, facilities, or experiments, recording the observations made is also an important part of the process.

Observation procedures may be referred to as observational procedures or the observational method.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Observation Procedure

Observation procedures are used in vocational training and rehabilitation to assist counselor and vocational professionals in the assessment and placement of individuals in suitable jobs. Knowledge of a person's physical abilities, personal responses to stimuli, and other characteristics gained through observation can assist vocational counselors and/or therapist when determining if and when an individual is ready for a vocational placement.

The observation method may also be used by psychologist and other professionals to assess and record a person's behavior and abilities. To maintain the usefulness of the information gathered, different observers follow the same procedures. For example, an specific set of observation procedures is often employed when assessing the likelihood that a person has autism or autism spectrum disorder. As part of a broader evaluation, a psychologist or social worker may observe the individual's social interactions either in a one on one or group setting and record his or her findings.

In some instances, participants in an observation procedure are unaware that the study is taking place. In other cases, participants are actively involved in the process.



Observational Method, Observational Procedures

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