Performance Test

Last updated: July 1, 2019

What Does Performance Test Mean?

A performance test is an evaluation used to assess an individual's physical performance of a task.

In some instances, an individual may be asked to perform specific motor functions or movements, such as lifting a box or turning a knob. In other cases, a performance test may be used to evaluate the individual's ability to craft a final work product. For example, an individual may be asked to stuff envelopes with uniformly folded letters and assessed on his or her ability to perform this task.

A performance test may also be called a performance assessment.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Performance Test

Performance tests may be used to determine the proper vocational placement of an individual. These tests may also be used to evaluate whether an individual is able to execute the essential tasks of a particular job. An employee who has suffered an injury or developed a disability may be asked to take a performance test before returning to work.

The type of performance test known as physical abilities testing (PAT) is usually conducted physical therapists or other medical professionals who are trained to assess an individual's physical capacity while avoiding injuries. Performance testing that assesses an individuals ability to perform specific job tasks may be overseen by a vocational rehabilitation or workplace training professional.

The information gained through performance testing can be used to determine whether the individual is fit for work and whether or not he or she requires any accommodations.



Performance Assesment

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