Rehabilitation Engineer

What Does Rehabilitation Engineer Mean?

Rehabilitation engineer is a specialist who develops and/or modifies assistive technology devices tailored for independent needs in facilitating job performance requirements. In medicine, rehabilitation engineers coordinate strategic plans with occupational therapists, physical therapists, and other professionals to accommodate individuals with disabilities based on interests and skill sets that meet the basic standards of a job. Consequently, a rehabilitation engineer will assess a worksite to provide industrial equipment and/or modifications for applicants and/or employees with disabilities.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Rehabilitation Engineer

Rehabilitation engineers are trained to introduce ergonomic solutions for individuals with disabilities in alignment with their qualifications to carry out mandatory duties and tasks. The Assistive Technology Act of 1998, a federal amendment that falls under the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) mandate, highlights assistive technology conditions representing individuals with disabilities. Employers are obligated to supply reasonable accommodations including easy computer access, wheelchair assistance and navigability (i.e. ramps), and structural redesigns without incurring undue financial hardship.

The lack of assistive technology resources is evident in many fields of discipline. Although rehabilitation engineering can involve expensive technological solutions in fostering a culture of inclusivity for individuals with disabilities, companies can receive tax credit breaks for workplace accessibility according to ADA statutes. A rehabilitation engineer can also provide documentation to support the necessity for customizing equipment and/or introducing modifications.

Many employers are flexible in providing reasonable accommodations to applicants and/or employees to bolster career opportunities against perceived discrimination liabilities. A rehabilitation engineer can help lay the groundwork for an applicant and/or employee in optimizing their job potential where assistive technology is effectively utilized.


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