Rehabilitation Facility

Last updated: September 24, 2018

What Does Rehabilitation Facility Mean?

A rehabilitation facility is an institution that provides recovery and treatment care programs and services to individuals who sustain injuries and/or suffer from diseases. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, worksite injuries are the most prevalent injury to occur, obstructing productivity, increasing insurance claim costs, and interfering with quality of life. A rehabilitation facility offers intervention strategies from trained specialists who use a multidisciplinary approach to determine the best level of care to restore health in employees.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Rehabilitation Facility

An employee who sustains a serious injury is often referred to a rehabilitation facility to undergo a series of tests and procedures designed to facilitate recuperation. Employees injured on the job are obligated to report the incident as a work-related circumstance to justify rehabilitative services for insurance coverage purposes. Treatment goals towards recovery encompasses a gradual process of introducing the employee back into the workforce. Rehabilitation facility specialists examine every facet of a job, assessing physical demands, ergonomics control, and on-site preventative education.

Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that health and safety measures coincide with federal regulations and statutes.

Rehabilitation facility specialists develop and coordinate an effective plan that helps people to condition, strengthen, and maintain musculoskeletal and neuromuscular integrity. A rehabilitation facility collaborates with doctors, healthcare professionals, and employers to expedite recovery time to minimize financial expenses and reinstate employees.


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