Skill Training

Last updated: June 12, 2018

What Does Skill Training Mean?

Skill training is a career-orientated method of teaching workplace skills. It is aimed at providing personalized, hands-on training to employees in the workplace or prospective employees looking for employment, in order to equip them with the competencies required to perform a particular job. Skill training is typically offered through employer-sponsored apprenticeships or internships.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Skill Training

The purpose of skill training is to enable the student to find employment in their newly chosen career field or to update their skills in their current job. Skill training is typically offered at colleges or career centers free of charge or through short-term, job-site programs directed at students who are young or over 55 years of age, and unemployed. It is also often offered to those facing disability from an injury or illness.

Where skill training is delivered at the workplace, the program is developed specifically around the employee's skill, ability and talent. The training is evaluated regularly by the employee and the employee's supervisor.


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