Training Analysis

Last updated: February 21, 2019

What Does Training Analysis Mean?

Training analysis is the process of determining the nature and level of skills required by an individual to perform optimally in their job for the benefit of both the individual and the organization. Training analysis is also known as Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and can be performed on and individual, a team or an organization.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Training Analysis

A training analysis is typically performed when a technological or legislative change is brought about or when customer service or productivity decreases. The process assesses the variance between the level of performance desired of the employee and the level that is achieved in reality. The result is the identification of the skills and competencies that the employee requires training on in order to address any deficit. A training analysis is used for the purpose of focusing training on relevant content, maximizing training efforts and resources, and improving productivity.



Training Needs Analysis, TNA

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