Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Last updated: March 29, 2020

What Does Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Mean?

A vocational rehabilitation counselor is a professional who assists individuals with physical, mental, or other difficulties that impair their ability to function in the workplace. The object of vocational rehabilitation counseling is to help individuals diagnosed with disabilities gain and retain employment. A vocational rehabilitation counselor helps individuals by providing assessments, advice, and resources designed to meet the individual's goals and needs.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Vocational rehabilitation counselors perform a variety of functions to assist their clients. A vocational rehab counselor may provide resume creation, skills coaching or job training services to individuals with disabilities. Psychosocial training may also be provided by a vocational rehab counselor. The vocational rehabilitation counselor may also provide the individual with advice or assistance in obtaining workplace accommodations. Individuals with physical or mental disabilities may seek the guidance of a vocational rehabilitation counselor. Many state and federal government programs provide vocational rehabilitation services to those with disabilities in order to help them gain employment and personal independence.

Vocational rehabilitation counselors are often trained social workers. A vocational rehabilitation counselor must be aware of applicable laws and administrative policies as well as available resources.


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