Vocational Expert (VE)

Last updated: June 30, 2018

What Does Vocational Expert (VE) Mean?

A vocational expert is an independent, objective professional in the field of assessing an individual's ability to meet the demands of a particular occupation or their ability to perform routine daily tasks and activities after incurring a physical disability or medical condition. A vocational expert can be called upon to provide evidence in Social Security Disability determinations.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Vocational Expert (VE)

A vocational expert has the expertise and knowledge required to evaluate a person's ability to either return to the workplace after rehabilitation or to seek an alternative occupation based on the limitations placed on them by an injury or medical condition. They have a deep understanding of a person's earning potential in the labor market as well as the skills required to perform the job and the availability of vacancies for the job. Vocational Experts are required to provide expert information and testimony to the Administrative Law Judge when called upon to attend Social Security Disability Insurance hearings. Based partially on their testimony, the judge will rule as to whether a claimant is granted disability insurance benefits or not.


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