Transitional Employment

Last updated: June 29, 2018

What Does Transitional Employment Mean?

Transitional employment refers to a job placement that is not permanent. Transitional employment is often provided to assist individuals in preparing for permanent job placement. This preparation is accomplished through employment in a series of jobs, each intended to advance the individual's skills and work tolerance.

In some instances, transitional jobs are provided for otherwise unemployable individuals as a method of providing them with earned income. Additionally, transitional employment may be used to train and prepare those with developmental disabilities or life changing injuries for integration into a traditional workplace. Displaced workers and prisoners reentering the workforce may also benefit from transitional employment programs.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Transitional Employment

State and federal governments often provide or subsidize the provision of transitional employment services to help unemployed or underemployed individuals overcome barriers to full employment. These transitional jobs are designed to provide participants with structured training and support.

Ideally, participation in a transitional employment program provides workers with a work history and skills set that can then be used to gain a permanent position outside the program.


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