Worker Trait

Last updated: May 22, 2018

What Does Worker Trait Mean?

A worker trait is an aptitude or ability required for an employee to perform a a job. Worker traits differ from learned skills. Worker traits assess factors such as the individual's personality, physical abilities, educational development, temperaments, and general preparedness to enter the workforce.

Because many different categories are encompassed by the term worker trait, there are many different aptitudes and personal descriptors that may be included in the worker trait category. For example, the Dictionary of Occupational Titles includes twelve separate categories of worker temperaments.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Worker Trait

When writing a job description, employers will often conduct what is called a job analysis. The purpose of this process is to identify each the of tasks, skills and traits essential to the selected job. The job description can then be used to efficiently and fairly match job applicants to available jobs. One of the factors used to define a job is its optimal worker traits. A prospective employee with the traits designated in the job description is more likely to succeed in that position than one who does not have the desired traits.

Some specific worker traits that might be identified when describing a particular job include: attention to detail, punctuality, friendliness, aggressiveness, leadership abilities, physical endurance, flexibility, or a willingness to perform repetitive tasks.


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