Aggregate Data

Last updated: June 21, 2018

What Does Aggregate Data Mean?

Aggregate Data is information that has been collated from various sources and in different formats to be presented as summarized findings that cannot be traced back to an individual. It is typically used in statistical analysis to be able to compare information, identify trends, or derive insights from data that is only possible when viewed collectively. Aggregate data can be particularly useful in safety studies and determining health trends.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Aggregate Data

Aggregate data can be compiled from numeric or non-numeric data. Non-numeric data is obtained from surveys, polls and interviews. The data is collected and summarized for the purpose of statistical analysis or public reporting. It is limited to recognizing general trends due to the non-specific nature of the information. Aggregate data is often used in initiatives such as employee wellness programs as it allows for the collection, sharing and use of personal information while maintaining the privacy and safety of the individual.


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