Anonymous Data

Last updated: June 18, 2018

What Does Anonymous Data Mean?

Anonymous data, within the context of occupational health and safety, refers to information that omits personal identification of individual employees in order to maintain confidentiality and protect privacy. Employers generally apply this method as an effective tool to raise awareness about company issues that are intended to foster improvement in different areas within the workplace. Employees are often selected to participate in surveys under the condition that requested information remains strictly as anonymous data.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Anonymous Data

Anonymous data refers to information that maintains confidentiality and protects the privacy of employees for a number of reasons. On occasion, employers randomly select employees to participate in surveys under conditions of anonymity in which the goal is to collect and assess feedback about policy and procedure for the benefit of a company. The survey results are then used as a generalized criterion that demonstrates mutual awareness between employers and employees on distinct matters such as potential unsafe work environments or stressors in the workplace. Many people feel reluctant to expressly voice their opinions on any number of workplace issues, such as ergonomic accommodations, wage and/or benefits discrepancies, and management grievances. Consequently, anonymous data provides an effective means of communication between employees and employers in order to promote mutual involvement in all company-related issues.


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