Safety Case

Last updated: May 25, 2018

What Does Safety Case Mean?

A safety case refers to formal documentation illustrating operational standards of proper safe measures to prevent accidents or dangerous incidents within the workplace. Employers develop and orchestrate safety protocol as a means to inform personnel about existing risks and hazards concerning a particular job or an industrial aspect relative to the job.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Safety Case

Safety cases are described as a regulatory assessment of the health risks and hazards of an industrial environment, formalized into documentation for referential purposes. Companies pose distinct hazardous situations to all personnel, therefore, employers assume responsibility to proactively and effectively reduce the incidence of injurious or life-threatening circumstances. A good example can include placement of warning labels or placards to identify specialized equipment or hazardous zones reserved for specially trained employees only. Safety cases must comply with current operational standards to demonstrate understanding and application of proper safety measures inside the workplace.


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