Health Coaching

Last updated: May 25, 2018

What Does Health Coaching Mean?

Health coaching is the utilization of a health coach to assist an individual or group in changing health behaviors and meeting health goals. Health coaches are often provided as an incentive to encourage employee participation in an employer’s health and wellness program. A health coach may also be called a health and wellness coach.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Health Coaching

While many different approaches may be used in health coaching, in general a health coach will employ a patient-focused approach. The coach and patient, or patient group, will analyze health needs, set goals, and work together toward a plan for achieving those goals. A health coach should have some training or experience in both health and psychology so they can effectively guide a patient toward meeting his or her wellness goals. Some coaches may receive specific training and certification in the health and wellness field. A health coach will tailor a health and wellness plan for the specific patient, mentor that patient and provide feedback throughout the health improvement process.



Health and wellness coach

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