Last updated: February 24, 2019

What Does Intervention Mean?

An intervention is a process of creating and implementing a service, or event, that is specifically designed to bring about a desired change. After a risk has been identified and assessed, the resulting action to address the risk takes the form of an intervention. The change that is sought can be related to mind-set, knowledge, or behavior.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Intervention

The intervention process, contrary to the sensationalized television programs, is typically managed by a professional who analyzes the risk and determines the best approach. With guidance from the professional, the intervention provides a planned opportunity to offer assistance and bring about the desired changes.

An intervention can be direct or indirect. A direct intervention is typically used in the case of addiction where an individual is confronted by their family and/or friends. An indirect intervention often occurs in the workplace in the form of employee wellness programs, where employees are educated on specific health aspects and afforded the opportunity to seek help or participate in activities to enhance their health.


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