With-Cause Evaluation

Last updated: May 23, 2018

What Does With-Cause Evaluation Mean?

With-cause evaluation is part of a disciplinary process created to assure workplace safety. With-cause evaluations are performed to determine if there is justifiable and legal cause to terminate a worker's employment. It may include looking at whether or not a risk to workplace safety resulted from an individual's abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. Other factors may be violations of written workplace policies or laws or regulations.


WorkplaceTesting Explains With-Cause Evaluation

Policies involving with-cause evaluation when determining whether or not an employee will be terminated or disciplined are drafted and made part of the employee handbook. When drugs or alcohol are suspected as part of the situation, an individual employee may be required to undergo drug testing or other evaluations deemed necessary. If it is determined that an individual has abused drugs or alcohol, or prescription medication, there may be grounds for specific remedial action.

The results of the with-cause evaluation determines the next steps to be taken. Remedial action may include mandatory drug counseling, rehabilitation, or disciplinary action which may include discharge. All steps of the with-cause evaluation must be in compliance with existing laws regarding drug testing and/or disability. Results need to be kept confidential, with only certain parties authorized to view them.


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