Self-Management Tool

Last updated: February 18, 2016

What Does Self-Management Tool Mean?

A self-management tool is an individual measure adopted by employees to improve their own job performance at work. Employers typically have an integrated set of company standards that serve as guidelines for policy and procedure. However, employees often redefine standards on their own terms within company parameters in order to optimize their job performance.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Self-Management Tool

A self-management tool refers to a practical measure assumed by an employee to improve the quality of their job performance at work. Ordinarily, employers institute a set of company standards emphasizing policy and procedure, including workplace expectations, objectives, requirements, protocol, and various other regulatory procedures that serve as a template for employees to follow in the completion of their job duties. A self-management tool gives employees the liberty to determine alternative ways to enhance the quality of their own job performance for both personal and professional growth within the workplace.


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