Last updated: February 17, 2016

What Does Understandability Mean?

Understandability, within the context of workplace communication, refers to the exchange of information in verbal and written terms to facilitate workplace understanding and information. Company success is determined by the reciprocity of ideas and the definitive manner in which they are expressed. Employers and employees relate to each other by engaging in standardized language that is understandable for the benefit of company productivity.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Understandability

Understandability refers to a specific mode of communication between employers and employees that is compatible in terms of mutual expression of common goals, interests, and values while reflecting company standards and ideals. Every industry uses formalized language, and abbreviations, that creates a sense of general recognition among company members to effectively, and productively, execute duties, responsibilities, and tasks as required. Practical and effective communication, or its lack thereof, can be the ultimate difference between company success and failure.


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