What Does Automatism Mean?

Automatism, when used in medicine, refers to an action performed automatically or involuntarily. Automatism may be exhibited by sleepwalkers, individuals in a fugue state or those suffering from a seizure. Reflexive and automatic body functions such as breathing are also examples of automatism.

Automatism may also be referred to as automatic behavior.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Automatism

Many of the body's essential functions are automatisms, taking place without conscious thought or direction. Pupil dilation, the beating of the heart, nervous responses, and countless other actions occur continuously throughout the body without any conscious intervention. However, automatisms may also manifest as the result of a neurological or other disorder or temporary impairment. In these instances, the actor may be unaware of or unable to control their body or its actions. Sleep automatisms may include sleepwalking, talking or other involuntary behaviors.



Automatic Behavior

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