Clinical Preventive Services

Last updated: July 15, 2018

What Does Clinical Preventive Services Mean?

Clinical preventive services are health-care assistance programs that encompass basic medical checkups, administration of standard vaccinations, and implementation of screen testing for diagnosis of latent diseases. Clinical preventive services can be bracketed into comprehensive medical coverage plans dependent on policy terms stipulated by health care providers. Consequently, employers purchase comprehensive health care plans inclusive of clinical preventive services as a beneficial mainstay in the role of guaranteeing healthy employees in the workplace.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Clinical Preventive Services

Clinical preventive services are to fundamental health care assistance programs that include regular doctor appointments, standard inoculation against common illnesses like influenza or pneumonia, and diagnostic examinations for potential prognosis of diseases.

Most employers provide health care coverage plans featuring comprehensive benefits packages with clinical preventive services being an inclusive resource for employees to capitalize on for personal health needs combined with family members listed as dependents who also qualify for health care coverage.

It is proven that employers who offer premium health care plans containing clinical preventive services as an incentive to their employees are likely to reduce absenteeism, increase job productivity, and foster general morale among personnel, which in turn, bolsters company reputations.


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