Community Linkages

Last updated: June 30, 2018

What Does Community Linkages Mean?

Community linkages, within the context of workplace safety, refers to organizations cooperating with employers to assist employees with health-related matters affecting their personal and professional lives. Companies have a distinct obligation to cultivate a healthful environment for their employees through proper education, instillation, and motivation combined with community outreach efforts.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Community Linkages

Community linkages refer to the interplay between employers and health specialists within a locality for the purpose of establishing the necessary resources for employees to adopt healthier lifestyles. Company vitality rests squarely on the efficacy of its personnel performing on an optimal scale and general health is often an integral contributor to that goal. Employers can make recommendations to employees about the relative importance of adopting healthy lifestyles, but it ultimately boils down to persistence, resolution, and personal will to assume responsibility for healthy habits. Employers affiliated with community health programs and services will work concertedly to introduce practical solutions for employees to apply.


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