Cultural Competence

Last updated: May 22, 2018

What Does Cultural Competence Mean?

Cultural competence, within the context of workplace communication, refers to the common awareness, knowledge, and understanding of different cultural backgrounds shared between employers and employees without prejudicial sentiment. The modern workforce is a multicultural environment in which people from various countries, nationalities, races, ages, sexual orientation, and religious creeds work together within a worksite.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Cultural Competence

Cultural competence refers to an informed awareness, knowledge, and understanding of cultural differences existing between employers and employees, between employees, and between employees and customers within the workplace. The interrelationship of cultural diversity is important because it provides common ground among people with different beliefs, customs, principles, and values. This network of information sets the standard for introducing unprecedented ethos, mores, norms, and ideas to the ever-changing world of globalization. Consequently, multicultural influence has become a mainstay for the lifeblood of companies and their future success.


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