Employee Health Survey

Last updated: July 14, 2018

What Does Employee Health Survey Mean?

Employee health survey refers to a strategic measure conducted by employers to gauge health-related circumstances within the workplace. These surveys are usually executed by participants who agree to terms of anonymity to answer personal questions regarding topical issues, such as nutrition, fitness, diseases and illnesses, mental health, and general safety protocols.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Employee Health Survey

Employee health survey refers to a supportive means to raise awareness about health and its consequential effects as it relates to the physical and mental condition. It is common practice for employers to develop comprehensive questionnaires that address specific workplace health, safety policy, and procedure regulations. Furthermore, employers use feedback from the surveys to comparatively determine any disparity of current protocol standards with, possible introduction to alternative measures for a safer and healthier workplace environment. Employers want to gather necessary information from their employees about preferred methods to increase awareness of general health with the ultimate goal of adding to, and/or modifying existing programs and services to inspire wellness in the workforce.


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