Environmental Assessment

Last updated: January 6, 2019

What Does Environmental Assessment Mean?

An environmental assessment, within the context of workplace health promotion, is a tool used to evaluate a particular workplace in terms of its encouragement of good employee health and wellness. An assessment usually focuses on the physical workplace and the surrounding community. The assessment can identify the surrounding area, and workplace, factors that encourage or hinder worker health.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Environmental Assessment

A workplace wellness program generally includes an environmental assessment that will examine the facilities and resources available to employees at the physical workplace and the surrounding community. The assessment may also include the collection and analysis of data regarding workplace hazards and injuries. An environmental assessment will evaluate the overall workplace setting, communication methods used to promote wellness, health and fitness facilities, access to nutritional foods, safety equipment and standards. The assessment will also evaluate worker's access to community resources such as clinics, recreation areas, and healthy food sources. The goal of the environmental assessment should be not only to identify the ways in which the employer and the surrounding community support wellness but the effectiveness of those efforts with regard to the employer’s workforce.


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