Initial Drug Test

Last updated: June 21, 2018

What Does Initial Drug Test Mean?

An initial drug test is the first phase of drug testing. During this phase, test specimens are screened to determine whether they are potentially positive. Samples that do not indicate a negative result during the initial drug test will be subjected to a second round of testing to confirm the presence of drugs or drug metabolites in the sample.

An initial drug test is also called a screening drug test.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Initial Drug Test

When a specimen is submitted for drug testing under federal employee drug testing guidelines it may pass through several levels of evaluation. After a determination is made that the sample is valid, an initial drug test is performed. This test is used to identify the presence of the targeted drug. If this examination produces a negative results, then the test specimen is classified as negative.

However, if this initial test indicates a positive result, additional testing is conducted. This second round of testing is called the confirmatory drug test. Only after this second test is performed is a positive result forwarded to a medical review officer (MRO) for a final determination of the positive result.



Screening Drug Test

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