Notice of Results (NOR)

Last updated: June 29, 2018

What Does Notice of Results (NOR) Mean?

A notice of results (NOR) is a communication sent to federal job applicants. The NOR advises applicants that their application has been received and processed. This notice will also indicate whether the individual is qualified for the job for which he or she has applied in the opinion of the determining office. Only those applicants who are rated as eligible for a particular job will have their applications forwarded to the officials responsible for hiring.

A notice of results may also be called a notice of rating.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Notice of Results (NOR)

According to the U.S. Office of Personal Management, a notice of results (NOR) may contain information about an applicant's rating and/or ranking. The NOR rating indicates whether the minimum qualifications for a job are met. An NOR ranking compares the applicant's qualifications against the requirements for a specific job and other applicants to determine which job seeker is best qualified for the position.

A notice of results may be used to communicate with individuals regarding their standing or status in other situations as well. For instance, individuals seeking gaming licenses through the National Indian Gaming Commission will receive a notice of results regarding the status of their application following a Department of Interior Review.



notice of rating

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