Qualification Training

Last updated: June 12, 2018

What Does Qualification Training Mean?

Qualification training relates to mandatory skills that must be successfully acquired to perform drug collection urine specimens per Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations on health and safety concerning a drug-free workplace environment. Qualification training involves several methodical steps to be followed in order to be considered qualified to collect urine specimens while avoiding adulteration, avoid inappropriate or unprofessional behavior, and prevent mishandling of chain of custody forms (CCF), which can potentially compromise donor confidentiality.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Qualification Training

Qualification training relates to Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines supporting the general rule of maintaining a drug-free workplace. The process of qualification training entails mock drug collection scenarios, highlighting different circumstances in which a collector must demonstrate proficiency in terms of administration of a urine specimen collection, displaying professionalism throughout the procedure, and properly securing the specimen in a sealed tamper-resistant vial followed by application of a chain of custody form (CCF) identifying the donor’s confidential information in addition to the name of the trainee under the tutelage of an expert collector.


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