Health-Related Policies

Last updated: September 1, 2020

Health-related policies are a set of established guidelines incorporated within company policy and procedures that highlight the importance of effective and manageable health practices. Employers develop health-based programs and services as a baseline measure to promote a cultural environment that will generate better productivity among all personnel within the workplace.


Health-related policies are defined as standardized rules and regulations integrated into a company policy and procedure rubric, identifying useful details about proper health management. Employers will generally coordinate a systematic platform that introduces health-related programs and services for the express purpose of educating and motivating employees to adopt healthy regimens. The underlying factor that lends to companies applying this strategy within the workplace is due to the fact that healthier employees tend to be happier and more productive when health-related policies and programs are in place. Policies such as no smoking on company premises, paid parental leave, healthy food options in the company cafeteria, and flexible scheduling for health issues are examples of some common health-related policies.


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