Health-Related Programs and Services

Last updated: May 25, 2018

Health-related programs and services, within the context of workplace health, refers to systematic coordination of accessible and practical methods related to health wellness inside of the workplace. Employers are responsible for introducing applicable and effective resources that engenders health awareness among employees for the exclusive purpose of leading happier and healthier lives both at home and at work.


Health-related programs and services refer to formal or informal guidelines inclusive to policy and procedure regulations that employers relate to their employees as a benchmark for quality health management. Companies will develop incentives to gain mutual support from employees to cultivate a health-conscious environment. Many people are afflicted with detrimental conditions such as obesity, alcohol and/or substance abuse, poor nutrition, and psychological disturbance, which can pose devastating consequences at home and at work. As part of the health related programs and services and employer provides, they may introduce and foster educational and participatory programs and services including classes and/or seminars addressing alcohol and substance abuse cessation, provide gym membership discounts, and sponsor community functions endorsing health awareness, such as marathon races and other athletic competitions. Employers may also offer on-site nursing services, and clinics staffed with nurse practitioners to handle minor employee health issues without the need for a work absence.


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