Health Status

Last updated: May 26, 2019

What Does Health Status Mean?

Within the context of occupational health and safety, employers consider health status as a reference to an individual employee or a group of employees to determine the overall health in the work environment. Health status refers to an individual's general wellness, considering the presence of biological and physiological dysfunction, functional impairment, mental well-being, and physical illness. General considerations in health status include life expectancy, self-assessed health status, and measures of physical, mental, and biological functions.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Health Status

To determine the health status of a company, employers often use health assessment programs which gather information about the general health status of employees at the worksite. A health assessment will determine the health status of a group of individuals to identify potential opportunities to improve overall health. The assessment will also provide ways to improve productivity along with controlling health care costs for both the company and workers as a group; reducing absenteeism and improving overall health status.


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