Job Stress

Last updated: April 26, 2019

What Does Job Stress Mean?

Job stress, within the context of workplace health, refers to a physiological condition in which work-related duties and responsibilities become burdensome and overwhelming to the point that it imposes unhealthy effects on the mental and physical wellness of employees. The workplace is often a breeding ground for stressful situations because of the relative high expectations and priorities assigned by employers. The clash of multiple personality types between employees and the fear of losing a source of income can also factor into creating job stress.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Job Stress

Job stress relates to a serious physiological condition that causes adverse mental and physical reactions to the body as a result of excessive workplace obligations. Inevitably, stress is a normal and common experience to people’s lives because it operates as an internal defense mechanism against external factors that demand attention, prioritization, and fulfillment. The workplace can be a major stressor for many people with commitments to assigned projects and tasks that require satisfactory execution in a timely and productive manner under threat of potential job loss. Consequently, job stress lowers the ability to perform under pressure and sustain a livelihood. Absenteeism and illness resulting from job stress raise employer costs and necessitate features like wellness and health promotion programs.


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