Graded Exercise Test (GXT)

Last updated: May 25, 2018

What Does Graded Exercise Test (GXT) Mean?

A graded exercise test (GXT) is a screening tool to track an individual's fitness level. The test evaluates the participant's exercise capacity by measuring cardiovascular response to physical activity.

Testing typically involves engaging in some kind of physical activity such as a treadmill or stationary bike with an increase in intensity at regular levels. The test is always administered with ECG monitoring and ends when an individual's maximum heart rate reaches 85% or when they feel they can no longer continue the exercise.

Graded exercise test is also known as maximal exercise test or stress ECG test.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Graded Exercise Test (GXT)

GXT provides data on how much stress the heart can handle before any abnormal rhythms are detected. Test results can help determine health related issues such as possibility of coronary heart disease, irregular heart rhythms, maximum oxygen consumption, and the rate of blood flow to the heart.

When administered for heart patients, test results can assist in measuring the effectiveness of heart medication. For non-athletic individuals, GXT results can help devise an effective and appropriate exercise program. For athletes the same can help assess and improve their performance by measuring their lactate response to exercise.



Maximal Exercise Test, Stress ECG Test

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