Physical Activity

Last updated: May 30, 2020

What Does Physical Activity Mean?

Physical activity is any bodily movement created by the use of skeletal muscles that requires greater energy expenditure than resting. Physical activity is any activity taken outside of rest, regardless of purpose or intensity. Physical activity is sometimes refereed to as any bodily activity that has a positive health impact.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Physical Activity

Physical activity is often thought as an umbrella term. It can be used for any type of movement that produces more energy expenditure that that of when you are at rest (sitting, sleeping). This includes daily actives such as cleaning, gardening, and walking. There are subcategories of physical activity including exercise and sport.

Physical activity is the opposite of of a sedentary state and is considered to have many health benefits that not only increase physical fitness but also decrease the risk of many chronic diseases. While some jobs are sedentary in nature (desk work), many other jobs involve physical activity such as walking and lifting.


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