Program Planning

Last updated: November 29, 2017

What Does Program Planning Mean?

Program planning is the process by which a program is conceived and brought to fruition. Program planning involves multiple steps including the identification of a problem, selection of desired outcomes, assessment of available resources, implementation, and evaluation of the program. Program planning is sometimes called program design or program design planning.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Program Planning

A program is created when an organization identifies a need and creates a plan for addressing that need. In order to be successful, a program must have specific goals and a process for meeting those goals. Program planning is the means by which this objective is achieved. Various models, such as the logic model or evidence-based model, may be used to create a program plan. When planning, an organization will consider the problem that has been identified, potential solutions and desired outcomes, and the resources available to implement the program. Support and participation by stakeholders, or other interested parties, and ongoing program evaluations are key elements of solid program planning.



Program Design, Program Design Planning

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