Last updated: May 28, 2018

What Does Quitlines Mean?

Quitlines are telephone-based cessation programs for smokers and, in some instances, alcoholics who want to stop their addictions. Quitlines are communal outreach representing a concerted effort to raise awareness against the dangers of tobacco use by introducing practical intervention solutions in the form of behavioral therapy, support group sessions, and recommendations to alternative healthy lifestyles.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Quitlines

Quitlines are telephone-based cessation programs consisting of professional counselors who provide assistance to people trying to stop smoking and/or battle alcoholism. Quitlines are primarily geared towards preventive and proactive measures against tobacco use, but alcohol abuse remains a common addiction, and some quitlines have extended their attention to the detrimental effects of alcohol imposed directly on one’s person as well as indirectly on families and coworkers. In addition, employers who adopt quitlines as part of a health management program are liable to slash health care costs because healthier employees engenders better job performance and decreases sick leave time and abseenteeism, which poses significant financial setbacks to all companies.


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