Workplace Health Assessment

Last updated: July 14, 2018

What Does Workplace Health Assessment Mean?

A workplace health assessment is the process used to gather information about a particular workplace’s employee health. This assessment is a first step toward the creation of a workplace health program, and may be used in part to review an existing program. The goals of a workplace assessment should be to determine the current state of employee health and identify opportunities for improvement.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Workplace Health Assessment

A workplace health assessment is essential because each workplace and the needs of its workforce are different. No single workplace health program can serve those varying needs. In order to develop and effective employee workplace health program, a program coordinator must understand the conditions of the specific worksite. Factors that may be considered during a workplace assessment include: individual employees’ health status, behaviors and challenges, the social culture of and around the workplace, coworker and family interactions, the structure, practices and overall culture of the workplace as a whole, and the actual workplace environment, including available resources within the workplace and surrounding community. By assessing each of these factors, a tailored program can be created to best serve the needs of employees.


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