Workplace Health (Wellness) Coordinator

Last updated: May 25, 2018

What Does Workplace Health (Wellness) Coordinator Mean?

A workplace health (wellness) coordinator is an important member of the comprehensive workplace health program team. The workplace health coordinator serves as the lead, or point, person for the program; managing and administering its operation. The workplace health coordinator is responsible for communicating with all other participants and providers involved in the workplace health program.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Workplace Health (Wellness) Coordinator

The health or wellness coordinator may be a member of the employer’s benefits department or human resources department, another member of the employer’s management team, or an employee volunteer. In addition to administering the ongoing health program, a coordinator may be asked to create a timeline for implementation, secure facilities and staff, and select resources for the health program. A workplace health (wellness) coordinator should be a good communicator, willing to assist fellow employees in reaching their health improvement goals.


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