Wellness Council

Last updated: May 29, 2018

What Does Wellness Council Mean?

A wellness council works with the workplace health promotion program staff or coordinator to design, implement, evaluate and promote the workplace health program. This council is comprised of members representing a multiple areas of the workplace’s workforce with the goal being for all employees to have a representative voice. A wellness council can also be called a wellness committee.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Wellness Council

Workforce engagement is essential to the success of a workplace health promotion program. A wellness counsel, or committee, operates as an information and feedback resource for health program managers and also as a promotional force for the program. In order to maximize peer input and contact, the council should include members from management and workers from several different departments as well as different job levels within the workforce. Wellness council members will often act as leaders in promoting health goals within their own divisions and throughout the workplace.



Wellness Committee

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