Workplace Health Program

Last updated: July 14, 2018

What Does Workplace Health Program Mean?

The term workplace health program refers to all of the activities, policies and programs executed by an employer to meet the health and safety needs of its workforce. A workplace health program encompasses the workplace’s specific health promotion programs, benefits provision, health promotion facilities or resources, employer and community supports, and all other activities related to workforce health. A workplace health program may sometimes be referred to as a comprehensive workplace health program, a wellness and health promotion program or worksite health promotion.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Workplace Health Program

A comprehensive workplace health program will include multiple means and methods for achieving the program’s stated goals. Beginning in the planning stage, the individual workplace health program is designed to meet the needs of the specific workforce for whom it was created. A well-designed workplace health program will serve all members of the employer’s workforce and make efficient use of all available resources to do so. Workplace health programs should seek to address existing health problems and diseases, prevent future illness or injury and promote overall wellness of the workforce.



Wellness and Health Promotion Program, Comprehensive Workplace Health Program, Worksite Health Promotion

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