Care Management Committee (CMC)

What Does Care Management Committee (CMC) Mean?

A care management committee (CMC) is a group empowered by a health care service provider to monitor and review the performance of the service provider. This committee is usually comprised of representatives from the health care service provider's staff and often reports to the organization's board of directors or other governing body.

Among other things, the care management committee may review quality and performance data and patient feedback. The committee may also investigate the quality of vendors and other health service providers affiliated with the organization.

Monitoring patient treatment trends and developing further quality assurance criteria are also within the scope of a care management committee's authority.

A care management committee may also be called a quality management committee, medical management committee or a health care management committee.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Care Management Committee (CMC)

Unlike an individual patient case manager, a care management committee (CMC) is tasked with reviewing and improving the overall performance of a hospital or other health services provider. Whereas a case manager may provide supervision and guidance for a particular patient's care, the CMC monitors comprehensive patient care. For example, rather than handling an individual complaint, a CMC would investigate trends in patient feedback.

A care management committee may also investigate global health care outcomes and utilization costs for the health care organization. Usually individuals representing several departments within the organization will serve together on a case management committee.



Quality Management Committee, Medical Management Committee, Health Care Management Committee

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