Personal Health Assessment (PHA)

Last updated: June 29, 2018

What Does Personal Health Assessment (PHA) Mean?

A personal health assessment is a tool used to collect and evaluate information about the health and wellness of an individual. While some personal health assessments consist of just a set of questions for the person to answer, more comprehensive assessments may include a full physical, medical history and lab testing. A personal health assessment may sometimes be called a personal health profile.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Personal Health Assessment (PHA)

Personal health assessments (PHA) are an important part of many workplace health and wellness programs. PHAs allow healthcare professionals to assess the individual employee's current health status and use that information to help the employee develop a personal health and wellness plan. One common type of PHA is the online survey. These PHA survey tools provide an easy method for employees to provide information regarding their medical history and lifestyle for evaluation.

Many employer-sponsored health plans offer PHA services as part of their insurance program. During a PHA survey, an individual may be asked to questions about their sleep habits, diet, use of tobacco products or alcohol and other behaviors that can affect the person's overall health. The information collected during a PHA survey is confidential and may only be disclosed with the employee's consent. Sometimes an employee will receive suggestions and a personalized health and wellness plan based on the results of his or her personal health assessment.



Personal Health Profile

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