Therapeutic Benefit

Last updated: February 20, 2019

What Does Therapeutic Benefit Mean?

A therapeutic benefit is a benefit or effect obtained as a result of treatment. The term therapeutic defines any action or method used for the treatment of diseases or disorders. Thus, a therapeutic benefit is a positive result that occurs as a result of a method used to treat a disease or disorder.

Therapeutic benefits may sometimes be referred to as therapeutic effects.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Therapeutic Benefit

The definition of therapeutic benefit encompasses traditional western medical treatments as well as other non-traditional remedies. A treatment may be considered to have therapeutic benefit if it enhances an individual's physical or mental well-being.

A treatment may be of therapeutic benefit whether or not it is classified as a medical or insured treatment. In fact, many therapeutic measures may not be covered by an individual's health insurance plan yet still have a positive effect on the individual's well-being. Creating art, indulging in self-care, and other meditative activities are often considered to be therapeutic.

It may sometimes be important to categorize a specific therapeutic method of treatment as a medical treatment or not in order to comply with federal workplace recording laws. For example, a therapeutic exercise or physical therapy provided on the worksite to address a workplace injury may be considered medical treatment under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's recordkeeping guidelines.



Therapeutic Effect

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