Wellness Team

Last updated: May 25, 2018

What Does Wellness Team Mean?

A wellness team is a group comprised of workplace stakeholders who engage in activities to support and promote the organization's workplace wellness program. Ideally, a wellness team will include representatives from multiple divisions and level within the organization. The works together to encourage a culture of wellness at the workplace. A workplace wellness team is sometimes called wellness committee.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Wellness Team

Workplace wellness programs may take many different forms and serve many different goals. Employers implementing wellness programs may seek to lower healthcare costs, improve employees' job satisfaction, or reduce incidents of health-related workplace absences. However, to be effective a wellness program should meet the needs of the workforce and do so in a way that encourages employees to participate. A wellness committee that is representative of the workforce can help to support the wellness program through advising on its design and promoting its use. Establishing a wellness team engages employees by giving them a say and a stake in the employer's wellness program.


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