Personal Productivity

What Does Personal Productivity Mean?

Personal productivity, in the context of hearing conservation, relates to individuals affected by hearing loss to perform regular activities at an optimal level both at home and in the workplace. Since interpersonal relationships relies primarily on good communication via verbal exchange and auditory reception of information, hearing has a significant impact on how people relate to each other. Individuals who suffer from hearing impairments are likely to experience other debilitating problems that interfere with quality of life like social rejection and/or limited opportunities at work.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Personal Productivity

While hearing loss can be either congenital (at birth) or be the natural result of the ageing process, it can impact people’s lives with negative consequences. For these reasons, personal productivity can decline in terms of maintaining normal psychological and psychosocial relationships between family members, friends, and employers in the workplace. People with unaided hearing disabilities are often burdened with detrimental feelings such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, and isolation. The perceived stigmas can influence people with any form of hearing loss to withdraw voluntarily from family, friends and, in severe cases, deliberate absenteeism or resignation from a job. Evidence corroborates the fact that unaided hearing impaired individuals are subject to economic hardship when compared to aided hearing people in the workplace.

Also, people who decide to use hearing aids are proven to undergo greater personal productivity by fostering a better line of communication with family, friends, and coworkers. In turn, people using hearing aids tend to experience alleviation from depression, increased alertness and attention, and displaying improved confidence with interpersonal relationships in general.


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