Volume-Type Spirometer Calibration Check

Last updated: June 30, 2018

What Does Volume-Type Spirometer Calibration Check Mean?

A volume-type spirometer calibration check is a routine observation of a volume-type spirometer spirometer and component attachments to ensure its volume air capacity for testing is not compromised by defects such as leaks that can disrupt proper functioning leading to inaccurate results. Daily thorough inspections are conducted requiring the usage of a three-liter syringe unit to assess any leakage in the equipment. A technologist will then apply a calibration syringe by pumping air into the spirometer to ascertain that the volume capacity meets the standard for acceptable practice.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Volume-Type Spirometer Calibration Check

Volume-type spirometer calibration checks are inspections and tests to ensure connected hoses, tubes, and mouthpiece are unaffected by existent leaks that can adversely impact testing sessions with patients. The process of confirming any leaks involves filling the spirometer with three liters of air followed by occluding the mouthpiece insert to establish any decrease in the machine’s volume capacity, which suggests actual leaks. However, if no leaks are discovered, a calibration syringe is applied by pumping three liters of air into the spirometer to demonstrate the volume readout corresponds to the standard rate measurement.


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